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¡Globalquerque! Poster Painting by Arturo Olivas

"Cosmotic Angel of Music Striding Into the Land of Enchantment Bringing in Its Wake the Music of All Peoples with Stars, Spheres, and Ecstatic Monks, Prophets, Sibyls, Dervishes, and Oracles of Song..."

The painting for this year’s ¡Globalquerque! poster was created in the style and and format of traditional 18th and 19th century New Mexican retablos, iconic images of saints and other holy figures, painted on panels of wood. The central figure in the painting, playing a flute and bearing the impression of the world upon its chest, represents the cosmic or Cosmotic Angel of Music. The Angel is striding into the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, the home of the ¡Globalquerque! world music festival, following the golden "Camino Real," the Royal Highway that led from Mexico city to Taos during colonial times to the present. The Angel passes through the Rio Grande valley of Albuquerque represented by the lush foliage of the "bosque" or cottonwood forest that flanks the east and west banks of the Rio Grande depicted as a turquoise, serpentine river.

In the background rise the highest peaks of the Sandia Mountains during their famous "pink moment," crowned by salmon-colored clouds. The cherubs or putti in circular cartouches surrounding the Cosmotic Angel represent the international, multicultural aspect of music featured at ¡Globalquerque! and hearken to the ancient icons of Ethiopia in Africa, the Mother of the human family and birthplace of human music. The sun, moon and stars at the top of the painting represent the "music of the spheres" and the cosmic nature of music. The burning heart radiating light in the central lunette refers to the great love of music that musicians and music lovers share, a central theme of the ¡Globalquerque! festival. Finally, the painting is surrounded by a turquoise border representing indigenous visions of water and sky. The falling feather design is the personal motif of the artist, who is of Indo-Hispano ancestry.

Arturo Francisco Olivas, OFS

Arturo was born in Long Beach, California and re-settled in New Mexico, the home of his ancestors. His father was a traditional Matachines dancer and a self-taught artist. Arturo is an artist-educator and a member of the Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis, the Third Order of St Francis. As a santero, a painter of saints in the New Mexican regional tradition of the18th and 19th centuries, he exhibited his retables at Santa Fe’s annual Spanish Market for twenty years. Arturo also creates original jewelry incorporating antique medallions and Milagros in addition to making traditional rosaries and hand painted relicarios, an ancient form of devotional jewelry. Arturo has recently taught himself to sew and fashions pillowcases, tablecloths, and other small fabric items utilizing a wide variety of santos and other Christian imagery in his work.
As an educator, Arturo taught for 30 years in the public schools as a multicultural and bilingual teacher. He has led numerous workshops for educators and community member specializing in creating Dia de Muertos ofrendas, traditional egg tempera painting of retables and ex-votos, and children’s musical instruments for the world music festival ¡Globalquerque!. His retables are in numerous private collections and museums throughout the country and have been featured in periodicals and scholarly publications.


© Globalquerque.

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