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Global Village

Information for vendors

The Global Village is returning to ¡Globalquerque! 2015 and promises to be a real highlight of this year's festival. Roughly 30 booths of international crafts, culture and cuisine will be available for your browsing and shopping pleasure. Come early so you'll have plenty of time to explore the diverse offerings. Food and drink will be available until late in the evening, but the craft booths will shut down around 8 or 9. Local cultural groups are invited to bring information about their activities, put out mailing lists and free materials for distribution at the Community Booth.

- Friday: 4 PM to close
- Saturday: 10:30 AM to close

Note: The Global Village will be open during the free day programming, from 10:30 AM to 4 PM on Saturday.



Craft/Business Vendors:

Flying Pig Studio
Flying Pig Studio

Whimsical images, riddled with folk art nuances such as the Day of the Dead, Frida, roadrunners, and other traditional images inherent to New Mexico.


Genuine Southwest Arts
Genuine Southwest Arts

Genuine Southwest Art & Gifts Shop is owned and managed by three local female artists: Valerie Isenhower, Charlene Kalbfell and Jennifer Spradlin. Their mission is to provide a fun and casual shopping environment with original art made by artists in New Mexico. Items include fine art photographs, natural jewelry creations, and decorative tiles.



HoonArts is dedicated to bringing unique, high quality handmade arts and crafts from Tajikistan and other countries along the Great Silk Road to the US market, using Fair Trade principles. HoonArts is the fusion of the Tajik word "hoonar" or "hunar," meaning "art" or "craft," and the English word "arts." We hope that HoonArts will serve as the first major handicrafts bridge between Tajikistan and the US, helping to preserve and promote traditional Tajik handicrafts while also promoting economic development for the artisans.


La Parada Mercantile

La Parada offers a rich and eclectic array of items from local artists and artisans from around the world. Talavera garden pottery and benches from Mexico, Oil-drum art from Haiti, textiles from Brazil and India, Jewelry from Oaxaca, and folk art from New Mexican artists are examples of items you will find at La Parada. You can also visit us at our Albuquerque North Valley home in a historic stage-coach stop on a 13 acre property of lush grass and alfalfa (8917 4th Street NW). There we host free community events several times a year like Día de los Muertos Sugar Skull Workshop in October, North Fourth Holiday Stop & Shop in December, Women & Creativity in March, Cinco de Mayo Folk Art Festival in May, and Shop Around the World in July/August.


Little Bird de Papel
Little Bird de Papel

Paper art by Vicki Bolen. "I first learned the art of origami 25 years ago as a way to keep myself busy and to create gifts for friends. I came to love the process of folding paper and it is something that always feels good to do. I fold the cranes because it gives me a sense of peace and people often feel inspired to share their stories of the cranes when they see my work. Working with paper to create art gave me an appreciation of the beauty and cultural significance of this versatile material. After many years my work naturally evolved beyond origami to include hand made greeting cards, book making, boxes and mono prints. Each piece gives me the opportunity to create something useful while expressing myself artistically."



Leather bracelets, bags and more.


Maria's Mayan Creations
Maria's Mayan Creations

Mayan-inspired art.


Native Elements Jewelry
Native Elements Jewelry

Jewelry by Anndria Cornish. "Connecting with nature, whether on an island or in the mountains, has brought me inherently closer to the stones I use in my collections. I create from my mind and heart to bring people who wear my creations closer to beauty as nature intended. I travel the continent to find inspiration but it is at home in my New Mexico studio that I bring my inspirations to life. Whether wearing a statement piece for esoteric beauty or wearing a piece for its healing properties, how gems grow in their purest form is something everyone should have a chance to experience."


One World Rug
One World Rug

We carry one-of-a-kind, hand made rugs from Persia, Anatolia, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Romania, Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Tibet, India, Afghanistan, and various other nomadic provinces.


Project Have Hope

Project Have Hope works with a group of 100 women in the Acholi Quarter of Uganda and helps them transform their lives and the lives of their families. Through the sale of their beautiful, handmade paper bead jewelry, the women can feed their families, send their children to school, and look forward to a richer future.


RBI Drums
RBI Drums / Kumbenga Koras

RBI Drums is a small, owner operated drum building workshop in southern Colorado. They specialize in high quality hand drums such as Ashikos and Djembes, as well as Koras, the calabash backed harp that was played at ¡Globalquerque! 2007 by Senegalese performer Lankandia Cissoko. RBI Drums' founder, Michael Schraud, comes from a long line of woodworkers and is himself an instrument builder, wood turner and musician with many years of experience. The drums are lightweight, easy to play and stay in tune very well.


Sadler Pottery NM
Sadler Pottery

Hand built pottery made in Sarah Sadler's home studio in Corrales, NM. Her vessels try to capture the forms and shapes she sees in the human body—a hip, a shoulder—and plants—the shaft and arc of a stem, the opening of a flower—in the shapes of her pots. The pots are usually polished raw clay body on the outside, some with glaze on the inside, to honor the voice of the pot by trying not to distract from its form.


Seed Blossoms Art
Seed Blossoms Art

Jewelry made from seeds by Jesilyn Peterson. "Seeds... The entire life of a plant contained in a tiny package, a miracle waiting to unfold. Seeds are the most forgotten aspect of our food system, and yet the system hinges upon them completely. As the art of seed saving falls to fewer and fewer hands, what once belonged to everyone is now controlled by only a few corporations. These pieces are intended to increase awareness about seeds by showcasing their incredible beauty and diversity."


Sunshine Soap Co.
Sunshine Alchemists & Soap Co.

Your skin is the largest sensory organ you posess. It is also the most exposed to environmental elements and damage. Our body care is designed to help you cherish and care for yourself while feeling and smelling awesome.


Weaver Guitar Straps
Weaver Guitar Straps

Guitar straps individually designed & handwoven by Annie MacHale. "While a young woman in my teens, I discovered the inkle loom and weaving became a lifelong passion. This type of loom makes narrow pieces, no more than 6” in width. Within this narrow constraint, there are endless possibilities for combining colors into patterns. My idea in creating a woven piece is that it should be both functional and beautiful. I get great enjoyment out of what I do. I play with color, so you can, too!"


Western Gothic
Western Gothic

E. Christina Herr is a singer, songwriter, musician, artist and jewelry designer living in New Mexico. "I Design & Hand Make Jewelry, Aprons, Accessories and more for Cowgirls & Cowboys, Dia De Los Muertos & Folklorico lovers, Mermaids, Gypsies, Brides, Bridesmaids & Flower Girls, Dreamers, Philosophers, Divas, Mods and Rockers!"



¡Globalquerque! Community Booth

A clearinghouse for local activities and events. Local cultural groups are invited (and encouraged!) to drop off information in the booth to share with the public, including mailing lists and free materials for distribution at the Community Booth.


The Henna Fairy

Pooja LoPriore, aka the Henna Fairy, is a great example of how wisdom from the past can lead and instruct us today. Pooja is of Indian descent and learned the Art of Henna from her family. According to Pooja, “Henna is a very vast subject that has been used in Science, Art, Spirituality and traditions throughout the world. Its recorded use has been 5000 years and most of it has been medicinal. It is new to the west and thus most popularly known as body adornment and temporary tattoos.” Her henna is 100% pure and free of any additives, thus ensuring safety for all, as well as a therapeutic experience.



Visit the booth of KUNM 89.9 FM, New Mexico's premiere public radio station, and pick up free bumper stickers and program guides. Meet the staff and DJs. KUNM—one station, many voices.



Firenze Wood Fired Pizza

A fresh idea in street food, Firenze's Wood Fired Pizzas are done just like you'd find on the streets in Italy. The 10" individual sized pizzas start with fresh (local when possible) ingredients and house made dough, sauces and specialty toppings. After assembly by Firenze's "pizzaioli" the pies make their way to the tiles of the Italian constructed oven for a delicate firing at temperatures in excess of 850 degrees Fahrenheit. This "old world" baking technique cooks the pizza in about 90 seconds and creates a tasty char that you can't get from conventional pizza ovens.


Food Karma
Food Karma

Food Karma is a Not for Profit Food Organization serving the greater Albuquerque area. We serve food using ingredients from our local farmers that is organic and grown sustainably; and made from scratch. We believe that anyone should have better access to quality foods regardless of income. Food Karma will be serving Indian food at ¡Globalquerque!


Cocina Grill
M’tucci’s Cocina Grill

M’tucci’s Cocina Grill is a “Nuevo Latino” restaurant, with foods from Latin America; from New Mexico to the Caribbean and the southern tip of South America. They will be serving Argentine specialties at ¡Globalquerque!


Nile Cafe

Nile Cafe's mobile kitchen serves wonderful healthy Mediterranean food with a southwest twist, including gyros, falafel and tabouli. Come and taste a bit of Egypt!


Pop Fizz
Pop Fizz

"Paleta" is Spanish for Popsicle, and do we have plenty to choose from! Our flavors range form the basic to the exotic and adventurous. We also make our own small batch gelatos and offer Kemps Super Premium Ice Cream.


Prosum Roasters

At Prosum Roasters we simply want to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee. In our roastery, we hand craft each batch of coffee on a small roaster for maximum flavor. We work with farmers from around the world and build business relationships directly with them. Through these partnerships you get great coffee, and 10% of our profits go to projects that benefit the farmers and their families.


Santa Fe Brewing Company

Santa Fe Brewing Company is New Mexico's oldest microbrewery, distributing only naturally conditioned beers in its home state of New Mexico and surrounding states. Santa Fe Brewing Company brews their beer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All of their beers are made from the finest hops shipped directly from the grower in Washington along with specialty malts imported from the UK. They pride themselves on not only using high quality ingredients but also using no preservatives or pasteurization. Look for the SFBC ¡Globalquerque! Pale Ale!


Vivác Winery

Vivác Winery is the creation of brothers Jesse and Chris Padberg, along with their wives, Michele and Liliana Padberg, respectively. In November of 1998 Jesse and Chris embarked on a new mission: "to make the best wine possible and have a good time doing it!" This meant professionally crafted, world-ranked, dry red wines—a first for New Mexico. Through extensive travel around the world and mentorships with other local winemakers, they learned about the wine business in general and more specifically about the wine business in Northern New Mexico. The word "Vivác" is a Spanish term meaning "high-altitude refuge," and Vivác Winery is just that. With record-breaking ratings in Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Vivác Winery has earned the title of "Highest Rated Red Wine Producer in New Mexico's History." Sunset Magazine has named Vivác "Notable up and coming wine makers" and "Winery to discover now!" With a commitment to excellence, the Vivác Winery family has pushed the boundaries of what New Mexico wine can be! 


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