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Free Global Fiesta

Saturday, Sept. 20, 2014 - 10:30 AM - 4 PM

A fun-filled day packed with educational workshops, activities and performances created in collaboration with the NHCC’s Education Department and geared towards both children and adults.

All events at the National Hispanic Cultural Center
(1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez)

Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer


Cottonwood Stage
Liu FangMC: Hakim Bellamy

10:45-11:30 AM: Conjunto Made SimpleLos Texmaniacs
11:30 AM: The Red Turtle Dances (Pojoaque Pueblo) on the Plaza Mayor
11:45 AM-12:30 PM: Updating African RootsOumar Konaté
12:30 PM: Circo Radical performs on the Plaza Mayor
1-1:45 PM: Intertribal Explorations Native Wisdom Dancers
2-2:45 PM: Getting to know the PipaLiu Fang
3-3:45 PM: Bridging CulturesLo’Jo
3:45 PM: Exit Parade – The Lost Tribes of Mardi Gras (Albuquerque, NM USA)

NHCC Art Museum

Chilean Arpillera2 PM: Getting Up Pa'l Pueblo: Tagging ASAR-Oaxaca Prints and Stencils
Guided tour of exhibit

Features block prints and stencils from the ASARO (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca) collection in the University of New Mexico's College of University Libraries and Learning Science, Zimmerman Library, Center for Southwest Research and Special Collections (CSWR). "Getting up" is slang for posting and applying images in public places; generally, the expression refers to street art. ASARO is a contemporary Mexican artists' collective working in block prints, stencils, and graffiti murals. The group was formed in 2006 after riot police repressed annual teachers' demonstrations in the state capital of Oaxaca.

Dance Workshops - Salón Ortega
Hosted by Sarita Streng

11:45 AM: Ghanaian Dance with Mensah Sokpor (Wamba Drum and Dance Ensemble)
12:45 PM: Vallenato & Cumbia with Beto Jamaica
1:45 PM: Native Dances with Native Wisdom Dancers
2:45 PM: Turkish Rom with Joan Kafri

A Thousand Voices filmWells Fargo Theatre

11 AM: A Thousand Voices (Film, 60 minutes)

A Thousand Voices comes from the proverb "It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story" and is the journey of New Mexico’s Native American women from creation to now. The voices of past and present strong tribal women mingle and lead us from the power inherent from the beginning of time, through the history of European, Mexican and United States invasion, past Boarding schools and imprisonment, to the reaffirmation of the beauty and strength and vigor that sustains the culture and language of New Mexican Tribes.

12:15 PM: The Yezidis: What Was Lost in the Sinjar – A photographic presentation and discussion by Robert Leutheuser

Yezidis in PerilThe Yezidis were thrust into the world’s consciousness on August 3 when the Islamic jihadists unleashed brutal genocidal attacks against them in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq. Upwards of 400,000 Iraqi Yezidis are now refugees. Robert Leutheuser, an independent photographer from Albuquerque, has visited Yezidi communities since 2004. He returned to the isolated Mount Sinjar in April of this year, completing a 3-year project to photograph all of the Yezidian shrines on the mountain. The fear among the Yezidis was palpable.
Mr. Leutheuser, using his photographs, will briefly introduce the Yezidis and their ancient religion before sharing what was lost in the Sinjar, a loss that may never be fully recovered. Donations to help the Yezidi refugees will be gratefully accepted. Mr. Leutheuser has thus far sent almost $6,000 directly to the Yezidis first for the purchase of bread, and now for cooking stoves.
Click here
to see a selection of Mr. Leutheuser’s photographs prior to the presentation.

1:15 PM: Voices Remembered: A Tribute to Hispanic Old-Timers Nasario Garcia

Local historian Nasario Garcia will present a brief overview of his 30-plus years of preserving New Mexico old-timers' stories and folklore. He'll talk about the process of interviewing-collecting-publishing oral history, which are captured in his books Recuerdos de los Viejitos (Tales of the Rio Puerco) and Bernalillo: Yesterday's Sunshine/Today's Shadows. The first book has been turned into a play—When the Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco—which will kick off Siembra, the NHCC's brand new year-round Latin Theater Festival. Enjoy stories and insights into the disappearing Hispanic language and culture of northern New Mexico. There will be time for a Q&A after the talk.

2:15 PM: We Are Together (Film, 86 minutes)

We Are Together tells the remarkable and moving story of a group of children who use music to overcome hardship and loss. Filmed over a period of three years, it is the story of an orphanage unlike any you've ever seen, where the young singers of the Agape Choir lift their voices to create the home and family they so very much need.

Mexican stick puppetsOngoing activities:

  • Celebrate Culture! Hands-on crafts with Kerry Bergen, 2014 ¡Globalquerque! Poster Artist

    What kind of crafts do people make in other countries? Visit the Global Fiesta Crafts Courtyard for a creative journey to Africa, Guatemala and Mexico. Make a Guatemalan worry doll with fabric and yarn to put under your pillow! Recycle bottle caps, beads and wire to craft an African tambourine and play along with your favorite band! Like puppet shows? Color, cut and assemble your very own colorful Mexican animalitos tiny animal stick puppets! Imagine what you can do!

  • bee muralSEEDS: A Collective Voice

    Join Jade Leyva’s Educational Space featuring "BEES: A Collective Voice"—all things about our buzzing friends, the bees! Beekeeper and educator Isaura Andaluz from the nonprofit Cuatro Puertas will be sharing her knowledge, and there will be beehives (with no bees) for people to see up close. We will also be creating a seed mural and handing out helpful material with tips to help bees from home.

  • Musical Instrument Making

    Egg ShakersJoin our veteran arts instructors, Christopher Gibson and Arturo Olivas, on Saturday for hands-on instrument-making. They will show you how simple musical instruments can be made from common materials such as hair-combs and tissue. In our craft tents we will be decorating pre-drilled, bamboo whistle flutes. Flutes are members of the woodwind family, also known as aerophones, and produce sound from a stream of forced air. After the human voice, flutes are the oldest known musical instrument, with a number of flutes found in Germany, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic. In addition to flutes, we will be making Egg Shakers, which are similar to maracas without a handle. An Egg Shaker is a Latin American percussion instrument known as an ideophone, and makes a sound when shaken. They can be easily made from recycled household materials. We will be making Egg Shakers using plastic eggs and calavera/skulls in preparation for the fall holidays.
  • Hungarian Dance Demonstration by Gary Diggs and Company (11:30 AM and 1:45 PM in the Fountain Courtyard)

  • Red Turtle Dancers (Pojoaque, NM):
    11:30 AM – Plaza Mayor
    12:30 PM – Global Village
    1:45 PM – Fountain Courtyard

  • Santa Clara Pottery Demonstration with Merton Sisneros
  • Hands-on Pueblo-style pottery with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
  • Open Drum Circle with Aly, Chava and Kiki of Mala Maña (Torreon)
  • Planet Music: Interactive instruments with Casey Mraz
  • ¡GlobalCookie! Decorating and Competition (D)
  • Street Performance with Circo Latino and Circo Radical (NHCC-wide)

Red Turtle Dancers and Merton Sisneros participation is sponsored by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

The Global Village is OPEN throughout the day!

Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer


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