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Free Global Fiesta

Saturday, Sept. 21, 10:30 AM - 4 PM

Get a sneak preview of ¡Globalquerque! with an afternoon of fun filled activities and workshops created in collaboration with the National Hispanic Cultural Center's Education Department. The whole NHCC campus will be full of dance, music and hands-on activities for the young and the inquisitive of all ages. Activities are geared towards both children and adults.

All events at the National Hispanic Cultural Center
(1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez)

Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer


Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer

Demonstrations: 11 AM to 4 PM - Cottonwood Stage
MC: Jazz Cuffee

10:45 AM: Community Spotlight: Albuquerque's Celtic Communty
Visit the Celtic Communities of New Mexico in the Global Village
      Featuring Douglas Cowan, member of the St. Andrew Society, on the Highland Pipes, Bill McCoy (bodhran) of Iscuma and dancers from the Tir Connaill Irish Dance Academy
11:45 AM: New Mexican Musical Traditions - Las Flores del Valle
      The people didn't move, the border did. Many of New Mexico's traditional music traces its origins back to when this territory was still a part of Mexico. Join Carol and Leila from Las Flores del Valle as they share the origins and stories behind many of New Mexico's favorite songs.
12:45 PM: Diné Culture - Sihasin
1:45 PM: Langa and Manganiar Traditions of Northern India - Rhythm of Rajasthan
2:45 PM: Where is La Réunion? And What's A Kayamb? - Christine Salem
3:30 PM: Street Performance/Exit Parade - Carpetbag BrigadeChilean Arpillera

NHCC Art Museum

2:00 PM: Guided tour of Stitching Resistance: The History of Chilean Arpilleras
Museum will be open and free all day.

Dance Workshops - Salón Ortega
Hosted by Sarita Streng

11:45 AM: Irish Step Dance with Tir Conaill Irish Dance Academy
12:45 AM: Dancing Tai Chi with Mia from A Moving Sound
1:45 PM: Afro-Cuban Rumba with Liusba Barcia
2:45 PM: Kalbelian Dance with Rhythm of Rajasthan

Wells Fargo Theatre - Talks & Discussions

11:30 AM: Introducing the Music and Instruments of Taiwan - A Moving Sound

12:30 PM: Is Change the Only Thing That's Traditional? - Raquel Z. Rivera
      This multi-media presentation centers around the idea that folk musical traditions inspire contemporary innovations, but innovations are what keep traditions alive. The examples that illustrate this draw from various folk music sources (and their "world music" or "popular music" permutations), among these: Puerto Rican plena, bomba, and música jíbara, the Dominican Republic's palos, gagá and bachata, Haiti's rara, New Mexican décimas and alabados, and Mexican alabanzas.

1:30 PM: Pad Yatra - A Green Odyssey (Film screening)
Presented in partnership with the Albuquerque Film & Media Experience
The adventure of 700 people trekking across the Himalayas with a call to save the planet's "3rd Pole," a glacial region now devastated by the climate chaos associated with global warming. Battling the most treacherous terrain on the planet, the trekkers spread their message of ecological compassion through human's most basic means—by walking on foot, village to village, and showing by example. Surviving harrowing injuries, illness, and starvation, they emerge with nearly half a ton of plastic litter strapped to their backs, triggering an historic green revolution across the rooftop of the world.

pad yatra movie poster

Bank of America Theatre

11:00 AM: Girl Rising (Film Screening and panel)
Panel: Marti Revo Fournier (Board Chair, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails), Intel & More
girl rising movie posterPresented in partnership with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
      From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins and the award-winning Documentary Group, in association with Paul Allen's Vulcan Productions comes Girl Rising—an innovative new feature film about the power of education to change a girl—and the world. Girl Rising is powered by strategic partner, Intel Corporation, and distribution partner CNN Films. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Liam Neeson, Cate Blanchette, Selena Gomez and other A-list actors contribute voice performances to the film, which features original music from Academy Award winner Rachel Portman, in collaboration with Hans Zimmer. The film spotlights unforgettable girls like Sokha, an orphan who rises from the dumps of Cambodia to become a star student and an accomplished dancer; Suma, who composes music to help her endure forced servitude in Nepal and today crusades to free others; and Ruksana, an Indian "pavement-dweller" whose father sacrifices his own basic needs for his daughter's dreams. Each girl is paired with a renowned writer from her native country. Edwidge Danticat, Sooni Taraporevala Aminatta Forna and others tell the girls' stories, each in its style, and all with profound resonance. These girls are each unique, but the obstacles they faced are ubiquitous. Like the 66 million girls around the world who dream of going to school, what Sokha, Suma, Ruksana and the rest want most is to be students: to learn. And now, by sharing their personal journeys, they have become teachers. Watch Girl Rising, and you will see: One girl with courage is a revolution.

Rating of the film: The film is rated by PG-13 for mature content. There is no violence, nudity, or swearing, but there are some difficult themes and images. It is recommended for an audience of 6th grade and up.


Day long activities:

  • SEEDS: A Collective Voice

    Join seed preservationists, artists and farmers at this interactive booth which will feature an educational program around the "three sisters": corn, beans and squash. The tradition of interplanting the three sisters in the same mounds is widespread among Native American and ancient farming societies. Learn about sustainability and seed preservation and help create a bean and seed art mural! You can even take home three sister seeds to start you own sustainable garden!

  • Kerry Bergen craftsCelebrate Culture! Hands-on crafts by Kerry Bergen

    A variety of “Hands on Make and Take” cultural arts and crafts will be offered at the Global Fiesta. Children and families are invited to create Festive Mexican Velvet Crowns to color, apply adornments and wear! Explore the handcrafted paper stick puppets from India! Cut, color and decorate your own elephants, peacocks, tigers and characters to create your own puppet show! Like Rainbows? Craft a colorful rainbow hanging to honor Native American Culture! Recycle bottle caps into a hand held musical shaker to play along with your favorite band!
    Additional crafts will be offered through out the day! Imagine what you can do!

  • Musical Instrument making with Christopher Gibson

    guiroThis year, Christopher will be making güiros. The güiro (whEE-row) is a Latin-American percussion instrument with parallel notches cut in one side. It produces a ratchet-like sound when a stick is rubbed along the serrated surface. Although güiro are an ancient native-American instrument, their use was first recorded in 1898. A güiro can also be called a calabazo, guayo, ralladera or rascador, and in Brazil, it is known as reco-reco. A form of this instrument is occasionally used during the ceremonial dances of the Pueblo People of New Mexico. The güiro is classified as an idiophone, that is any form of simple, percussive instrument that makes its sound primarily by way of the instrument's vibrating, without the use of membranes or strings. Güiros can be made from wood, gourds, metal, plastic or fiberglass.

  • Interactive drumming with Heidi Alina
  • Planet Music: Interactive instruments with Casey Mraz
  • The wildly popular ¡GlobalCOOKIE! Contest
  • Roving performances by Circo Latino and the Duke City Hoopers
  • The NHCC Art Museum will be open and free
  • The Global Village of Craft, Culture and Cuisine is open all day too!

Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer


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