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Free Global Fiesta

Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 - 10:30 AM - 4 PM

A fun-filled day packed with educational workshops, activities and performances created in collaboration with the NHCC’s Education Department and geared towards both children and adults.

All events at the National Hispanic Cultural Center
(1701 4th St SW, at Avenida César Chávez)

Download a PDF of the Global Fiesta flyer


Herencia de TimbiquíCottonwood Stage
MC: Hakim Bellamy

11:00 AM: The Past & Future of Colombian MusicHerencia di Timbiqui
While Colombia is often synonymous with Cumbia, the music from the Pacific Coast, like that of Herencia de Timbiquí, remains largely unexplored. Herencia de Timbiquí works to preserve the ancestral roots of the marimba de chonta and traditional instruments such as the bombo, cununos, and the guasá, combining them with a powerful band, including energetic vocals, brass, keyboards, and guitar. The currulao ensemble features exceptional hand percussion on drums that resemble West African djembes, beautifully honoring traditional regional music styles.

12:00 AM: Payadores and Improvisation: Patagonian Free Style!Fémina
In this workshop, we will explore the roots of rhyming and improvisation in Hispanic culture and connect it with modern urban influences. Just as freestyle battles are common in rap and hip hop culture, where two lyricists face off in a rhyming battle, in the southernmost region of South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and parts of Brazil and Paraguay) there is a traditional folklore culture of the payada, in which two lyricists face off in competitive prose accompanied by guitar. In this duel of verses, each player answers the others questions and challenges, to return with a similar comeback and set of questions, and whoever has the most eloquent verse and is able to stump their opponent wins. It stimulates creativity, word play, and individual and group poetry. The members of Fémina will demonstrate and teach this style of traditional word battling, and show how they connect this ancient South American tradition to modern rap influences today through their music in an interactive workshop.

1:00 PM: Taarab Music – The Soul of Zanzibar Kithara

Mokoomba2:00 PM: Voices of the Luvale and BaTonga peoples - Mokoomba
In the Luvale and BaTonga tribes of Southern Africa, everyone is taught to sing, and to sing using a variety of voices and vocal styles. During traditional tribal ceremonies, these various targeted communications are used to elicit certain feelings or states of being. In this workshop, Mokoomba will explore the use of these different voices and vocal styles, and demonstrate how they integrate them into their repertoire.  In addition to the vocalizations, Mokoomba will demonstrate the use of sticks and kudu horns to establish rhythmic structure, show some dance movements, and discuss how signs and symbols are all employed to create a song.  Participants will be able to create a song together with Mokoomba during this workshop.

3:00 PM: A Mongolian Musical JourneyAnda Union

3:45 PM: Exit Parade led by Circo Latino and Circo Radical

Dance Workshops - Salón Ortega
Hosted by Sarita Streng

10:45 AM: Bavarian Folk Dancing with the D'Rio Grandetaler group (led by Franzl Hacker and Heidi Lewis)
11:45 AM: Traditional Afro-Cuban Mambo of the 50s à la Perez Prado with Heather Burns

Femina12:45 PM: Chacarera Dance and Yerba Mate Workshop with Fémina
Chacarera is a traditional courtship dance, with a sweet and lively rhythm from the Northwest region of Argentina. It's one of the most widespread Latin American folk dances, yet less known internationally than tango. Like the majority of Argentine folk dances, it's danced in pairs; however, it is much more playful, independent and relaxed, as the dancers barely touch. In this workshop, you will learn the basic chacarera dance steps, which will be followed by a traditional Yerba Mate circle, Argentina's most famous herbal drink and one of its national treasures, that has been shared among Argentine cowboys or "gauchos" for centuries.

1:45 PM: Taraab Dances from Zanzibar with Kithara
The Taraab music of Tanzania takes elements from African, Middle Eastern and Indian traditions. Some of the Taarab repertoire is danced to at weddings and other celebrations in Zanzibar.  These dances are not performed by specialists (professional dancers), but by everyone in the community. Kithara will teach some of the communal dances from this tradition.

2:45 PM: Zimbabwean Dance Class with Rujeko Dumbutshena

Wells Fargo Theatre

11:30 AM: Benda Bililli (Film, 80 minutes)
2:15 PM: Favela Rising (Film, 80 minutes)

SEEDS: A Collective VoiceEducation Building
On display all day - All ten community seeds murals from SEEDS: A Collective Voice

12:30 PM: SEEDS: A Collective Voice Q&A with founder and arist Jade Leyva
1:30 PM: Meet the TimpleGermán López

NHCC Art Museum

2 PM: Guided tour of current exhibitions

Fountain Courtyard

Bats Without Borders!
Join Justin and Holly from fightwns and RD Wildlife Management for hands-on activities and information about the bat populations of New Mexico. Learn about the amazing and important things bats do to keep our planet healthy and also find out about bat migration. Become a Bat Fan!
Hands-on Cultural Crafts
with Kerry Bergen
Instrument Making with Christopher Gibson and Arturo Olivas
Palabras – inspired by the NHCC summer writing institute Voces, come play with words on a large word wall and help us create bilingual poetry for everyone.
Rincon de Circo Latino - Try your hand (and feet!) at juggling, poi, diablo, hula hooping, and slack line with artists and students from NHCC’s Circo Latino


¡GlobalCookie! Decorating and Competition
Open Drum Circle with Alyson Steinman
Planet Music: Interactive Instruments with Casey Mraz
Circo Latino and Circo Radical roving performers and selections from “La Vuelta”, the summer 2016 original performance that explored how we connect with each other in community. Our talented team of students and artists will perform informally throughout the day and then gather everyone together for a finale selection of stilt, juggling, and live music and a parade to the exit at 3:45pm.

The Global Village is OPEN throughout the day!


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